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THE ARTIST’S WAY – 12 WEEKS [18.09.17]


Come realise your creative potential. Join in on this 12 week program facilitated by artist and photographer Kim and feel what it’s like to create again.

For many under-cover-creatives The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron has been the thing that helped recover and reconnect them to their creativity. In our society where creativity is often benched for more sensible jobs that will pay the bills, many an artist have found in the pages of this book the permission they have so longed for to live the lives they want.

Often we don’t even know that we are creative. All it takes is a bit of support and encouragement…

In this 12 week program Kim will be guiding you through your lessons, tools and exercises aimed at nourishing and nurturing your creative soul.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never put a paint brush on a piece of paper or written a word in your life before. Come and explore what being creative means to you. By receiving fun and playful homework every week, you will be guided in dismantling those parts of you that have been standing in your way of unleashing your true creative genius into the world.

Full commitment to the program is ideal.

What’s in the box:

  • A 12 week program to rediscover your creativity
  • A safe and supportive network that you can tap into
  • Exercises, tips and tools to flex your creative muscles

What to leave at home:

  • Your inner critic always telling you what to do and how to do it.

What to bring:

  • A pen and notebook
  • A copy of The Artist’s Way (orders may be placed with us)

* Should you wish to secure your spot at an early bird discount of R1200 (full price is R1440 and payable weekly), simply process the payment accordingly. This price excludes a copy of the book The Artist’s Way, which each participant must have, and is an additional R250, should you not have your own. You are welcome to book your spot at AvoPomme Creative Hub.


Kim studied art at the Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet, Music and Drama. She has worked for galleries and curated shows for the Nederburg Art Festival. Helping a friend in need, she got involved with teaching at pre-schools. She has since then founded her own Knysna-based Sunbird nursery school where the natural environment serves to further prompt creative thinking. Kim’s life revolves around art, nature and children. She has three daughters of her own, all in their twenties, of whom two of them are also artists. In 1996 she offered her first Artist’s Way course to guide people of all ages in unblocking their inner creativity.

This workshop is hosted at AvoPomme Creative Hub in Woodmill Lane, Knysna.

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Event Details

Date: 18/09/2017

Start time: 18:00

End time: 20:00

Venue: AvoPomme Creative Hub

Coordinates: -34.036622, 23.048464

Directions: Shop 45, Woodmill Lane, 4 St Georges St, Knysna, 6571.

Phone: 0443821575

Email: info@knyslifestyle.com