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REBUILD SUSTAINABLY [07.10.17 & 14.10.17]


In this two-part workshop held over two Saturdays, Melissa wil be introducing you to “green building” by guiding you in designing your own eco-friendly yet cost-effective home. This one is a MUST for all persons who’ve lost homes in the recent fires and are looking to rebuild.

It’s been almost three months since the fires spread through Knysna. Various initiatives have since then sprung up in an attempt to rebuild and reconstruct damage caused to infrastructure and property in the area. Special care is being taken to restore electricity infrastructure and water reticulation networks that were cut off and left many in the dark with their taps try. This all while we are still being reminded to adhere to water restrictions with our dams at about 43% . . .

Although the gravity of tragedies like the fires are undeniable, with the impact still felt by many, it does present us with an unique opportunity to ask: How can we do things differently? With insurance companies making steady head of paying out claims, the question on your mind spesifically might be: If I want to rebuild, how can I design my home in a way that honours the environment without breaking the bank?

In this two-part workshop Melissa will be addressing relevant topics like the enironmental footprint around the building industry, the rising building operational and maintenance costs, and the current health (human) concerns related to the “built environment”. She will be showing how these issues can be overcome by promoting the implementation of a range of greenbuilding principles, integraded resource management practices, passive design strategies and local community development consideration. Get the information that you need while getting your head around it through practical excercises. Make use of the Q&A session to get some expert advice.

With each ticket, we will donate R20 to the Precious Tree Project – an organisation involved with the planting of indigenous trees in the Garden Route.

What’s in the box:

  • A total of 10 hours spread over two days on the basics of what everyone should know about building homes in a more sustainable way
  • A conceptual idea of how to build more sustainably towards self-sufficiency
  • Tips and practices on everything from energy to waste management
  • A CD jam-packed with information relating to this workshop
  • The confidence to go and approach the architect, contractor or builder
  • Delicious snacks and refreshments

What to bring:

  • A passion for sustainability
  • All your most pressing questions


Melissa Dalton is a holistic lifestyle practitioner who has been involved with training, education and consultation for over 20 years. She specialises in the field of sustainable health and wellbeing – of both the individual and our external environment. She has been actively involved in the research and development of a number of SACAP*-accredited and ASAQS**-accredited workshops for architects and quantity surveyors over the past 15 years. Matters close to her heart that she speaks about often are: health of the individual, health of the surrounding environment, finances and budget, and community development through social upliftment.

*(South African Council for Architectural Professionals

** (Associations of SA Quantity Surveyors)

This workshop is held at AvoPomme Creative Hub in Woodmill Lane, Knysna.

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Event Details

Date: 07/10/2017

Start time: 09:00

End time: 14:00

Venue: AvoPomme Creative Hub

Coordinates: -34.036622, 23.048464

Directions: Shop 45, Woodmill Lane, 4 St Georges St, Knysna, 6571.

Phone: 0443821575

Email: info@knyslifestyle.com