THE MENS CLUB is the first of it’s kind in Knysna. They’re a real, authentically styled barbershop that have been trading for more than three years, proving it’s secret business recipe a complete success, having both local and tourist support.

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Bob, the owner, has been in the accommodation and real estate business for years, but found his true passion within the barber industry. He says that a lot of research and planning went into this baby of his. They use only the best, yet affordable, grooming products and they really focused on creating the shop with the true aesthetic of what a barbershop should be – using classical barber chairs with legendary vintage celebrity wallpaper imagery.

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You can clearly see The Mens Club’s revolving barber light from a distance, instantly giving you the true feel of “barberness”. Because of Bob’s Irish decent, he decided to go with the red and white light instead of the American red, white and blue option.

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The Mens Club is not stopping here – Bob wants to take his concept to the next level – to create their own product line, online store and to franchise. This would take very well as we are in a metrosexual era of men really looking after them selves, following international styling trends and becoming more aware of what they look like. Guys, folks respond well towards a well-groomed man! The affordability of The Mens Club makes this all possible.

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Go have a seat at The Mens Club and to be treated like a king – there are even manicure and massage treatments available. You will find them at the Knysna Mall.

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