Situated in our coastal town of Knysna, Metelerkamp’s have been trading since 2005 when owner John Metelerkamp bought a smaller version of what this large, magnificent kitchen store is today.

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When I first heard about Metelerkamp’s two years ago, I had the idea that this is a large store that can inspire your next cooking experience or that kitchen revamp that you’ve always dreamed about. I gave Metelerkamp’s a visit during last week to take pics for this article and I was in absolute awe. As some would know, I love kitchen, cooking and food photography – I was in kitchen heaven.

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Their products range from (and where should I start?) Le Creuset, this being my favourite ceramic and cast iron product (Metelerkamp’s is an authorised dealer), to a classic Smeg refrigerator that would be sure to compliment your stove-top Le Creuset kettle. You can purchase all your kitchen appliances, all at once, to refurnish your brand new kitchen – they have absolutely everything.

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Metelerkamp’s also specialise in fireplaces to keep your home warm during winter such as AGA, Piazzetta and Beauty Fire. John Metelerkamp has over 30 years experience in installing your fireplace without having to use a third party installation team. They know exactly what they’re doing.

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Another must for me is to have a decent utility knife in the kitchen. Metelerkamp’s have a wide variety of professional chef’s knives in-store, ranging from Kai – Shun to Victorinox. For the baking enthusiasts and professionals there is a fully stocked baking section for your fondant art and absolutely anything you might need for baking that delicious and gorgeous looking cake. What’s more is that you can view their entire product range online with a beautiful site that is easy to navigate, while ordering online with free delivery to your door!

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It’s a feast for your eyes and you should give yourself an hour or so browsing time. You can always be sure to get the perfect gift for your best friend or loved ones. Be sure to give them a visit to get that cool kitchen gadget you’ve always “needed” or to inspire your future dream kitchen.


Ricardo L. van Lingen
Ricardo is a qualified graphic designer and a self-taught artist, photographer, web designer, ink illustrator and avocado grower. He is a born creative and able to master and bend any medium to his will. With high energy and passion, Ricardo is at his happiest when challenged with new creative projects.