Through my mission to find the perfect getaway for a hermit-style weekend and to reconnect with nature, I stumbled upon the perfect little hide away – Lazy Leopard. This breath taking discovery is the perfect romantic, family or single hiding spot to cleanse your spirit from a daily stressful life.

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Lazy Leopard is a collection of two beautiful cottages and one larger family house – all self-catered. You can decide whether you need to get away by your self, go on the delicious romantic night with your love, or treat your family with lovely uninterrupted family time. I visited the most romantic cottage I have ever come across – Forest Moon.

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Parking your car under the beautiful oak tree in front of the Forest Moon sign, you already have a sense of what is to come. Following the path down to the small and quaint cottage makes you feel as if you have just discovered your own little secret cottage in the forest.

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You are greeted with a “Welcome to Forest Moon” heart sign. Opening the door, you feel an even bigger sense of relief and an overwhelming excitement and you are furthermore welcomed with a bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses, everything being in twos. The large romantic bed overlooks the outside terrace through the double doors. While seeing a frame of what I like to call fairy trees, you see an awe-inspiring picture of green valleys. The next morning you will have breakfast overlooking this view, but first, in the evening, you will have a bath. On the terrace. Under the stars. You will ask yourself: “What did I do to deserve this?”

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When you enter the bathroom, it feels like you’ve stepped into the forest. With most of the bathroom being surrounded by glass walls, managing owner, Corlia and her husband, have really thought of every little romantic detail. In the double shower you view trees with birds chirping around. The utmost care has been taken in reusing wood and bits of the natural forest that they built the beautiful cottage on.

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Being at Forest Moon and strolling down the forest path towards the pool, you can’t help but wonder whether fairies exist. In summer you can enjoy a lovely swim overlooking the gorgeous valley views.

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When in surroundings like this, braaing (BBQ) is a must and there is an awesome spot right next to your Forest Moon cottage close to the entrance. You can do this this by candlelight or lights leading down towards the cottage. Before bed you can enjoy the inside fireplace with crackling fire sounds, a movie or simply just candles, wine and conversation. The night-time ambiance is out of this world (I can assure you that you will feel nostalgic, reflect on your life and appreciate what you have and achieved).

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Forest Moon will give you a new and positive lease on life and it’s medicine for your soul, making you feel energized enough to get back to reality and get stuff done. I must warn you though that it’s very hard to pack up and leave Forest Moon in the morning. You will find future evidence of this by reading all the comments, poems and even drawings in the comments book by peoples’ wonderful experiences at Forest Moon, each of them claiming it to be their own little special cottage in the forest.

All of this is only about 12 km out of Knysna on the Rheenendal Road. Check out their site here to make a booking.


Ricardo L. van Lingen
Ricardo is a qualified graphic designer and a self-taught artist, photographer, web designer, ink illustrator and avocado grower. He is a born creative and able to master and bend any medium to his will. With high energy and passion, Ricardo is at his happiest when challenged with new creative projects.