Kinetic Fitness, a gym in Knysna, affiliated with CrossFit focuses on keeping you fit, healthy and turning that into a happy and balanced lifestyle.

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Kinetic Fitness is not just your regular ol’ gym, but uses the global trend of CrossFit. Crossfit has been identified as Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity. It allows you to do fitness exercise at a more exciting, less boring and more effective and intense way.

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The Constantly Varied aspect of CrossFit focuses on a high paced exciting workouts, constantly switching between long and short duration with a focus on creating a strong core strength. Functional Movements allows you to use all your joints whilst using natural everyday movements such as pulling and lifting. CrossFit believes that running won’t improve your squats, but squats will improve your running. Performing at High intensity makes you work harder within a shorter amount of time. If you cycle for an hour, you do just that – whereas if you push moderately intensely for a minute and rest for 30 seconds, you build more perseverance and can push harder for prolonged periods.

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Kinetic Fitness also has a retail section worth browsing. Sports Rehabilitation, Spinning Classes and Belly Dancing is among activities they offer with Kinetic Fitness also focussing on keeping your kiddies fit and healthy with CrossFit Kids.

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There is currently an amazing community pledge active called #100HealthyDays, running from 15 September to 23 December. To be part of this pledge, you just need to sign the pledge at Kinetic Fitness and you don’t even need to be a member! You simply have to decide what your focus will be for your 100 healthy days and share it – whether it’s healthy eating, daily exercise or having fun walking your dog every day.

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Owner Helen Bennett posted on the #100HealthyDays Facebook yesterday: “For those of you who are on a weight loss mission: Go home tonight, get totally naked, and take a look at that wonderful bod of yours in the mirror. Find all the things that absolutely rock about it!! Celebrate the amazing things and remind yourself that it’s because you love and appreciate that gorgeous bod of yours, that that is why you are going to exercise daily and feed it with the best quality nourishment you can! Too many of us are conditional in our love. “I’ll love my body one day when….”. Turn it around into, “It’s BECAUSE I love my body that I’m doing ‪#‎100HealthyDays.” You’ll feel better straight away and you are far more likely to succeed with self-adoration than self-flagellation. This was great advice given to me and I hope it works for you too!”

Give Kinetic Fitness a visit online or at the Knysna Mall and see what they can to for you to create a healthier, fitter and happier lifestyle.

Kinetic Fitness Knysna has closed since this article was published. 


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