I have always had a passion for food. I experiment whenever I can and try new things every day. I have about a hundred cook books in my crooked cupboard, in which I have tried almost everything.

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On the odd occasion I make a small family treat like moist chocolate brownies or melt-in-your mouth cookies that get eaten in about five minutes. I have probably changed over six people’s taste buds from not liking cabbage to wanting it every day or like the time I made my little sister try my homemade lemonade to her begging me every day for more!

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Family members are the hardest when you are good at cooking, as some of you would know. I am also one for garden greens which I try grow in my little garden. This is basically all about me and get ready for some awesome Catherine writings!


Catherine Haman
Catherine loves all things food. She's always excited to experiment and loves inventive foods. Stay tuned to read all about her cooking adventures.