This month I had such an amazing time working on a project for a Knysna decor firm.  It was for a newly established and lovely guest house in Brenton on Sea called “A little peace of heaven”.  Having the most breathe-taking view of both sea and mountains, this is a home where the more windows the better, we were however faced with a challenge in making the kitchen and front door windows a little more private without blocking any of the gorgeous light, as you would, with fabrics. 

Knys Lifestyle Article Fun with Vinals 1

Vinyl art for walls has been popular for a while now, but I just recently discovered that there is a fantastic vinyl product designed for windows. It gives you a sandblast look without the permanency of sandblasting, which means you can have fun with the design without worrying about replacing the glass when you become tired of the look or feel like a change. It has a lifespan of about four years with no fading even in direct sunlight.

Knys Lifestyle Article Fun with Vinals 2

We found some designs online that we loved, quotes being a favourite of both mine and the client, we tweaked them a bit to personalise them to the house and it was a simple process from there to send it to Frame-by-Frame Knysna who rendered it to the size required. It took as little as a week from design to installation and we were absolutely thrilled with the result. I believe it’s always important to bring in an element of fun to even the most elegant of houses to give that special feel of home and this allowed us to do just that.

With Love, Bernice xxx


Bernice Haman
Bernice is a mom of three girls, determined to raise them as strong and loving warriors; is a self-proclaimed sucker for nostalgia; has had a lifetime passion for pomegranates, her lucky charm; has a keen eye for design and loves to dance in the rain. Bernice is happiest writing, baking, cooking and creating.