In celebration of spring, I couldn’t think of a better way than spending a morning with DP Ferriera from Ecozest.

Knyslifestyle had the privilege of paying him a visit at his studio in Rheenendal, Knysna, yesterday for a sneak peak of where the magic happens. This flower wizard does with flowers what a Michelin chef does with food – he creates a feast. With 20 years of experience, 14 of which in Knysna, his attention to detail, skill and passion for his craft is obvious.

7Knyslifestyle Knysna Lifestyle Ecozest Flowers Spring 06Knyslifestyle Knysna Lifestyle Ecozest Flowers Spring 01Knyslifestyle Knysna Lifestyle Ecozest Flowers Spring 02Knyslifestyle Knysna Lifestyle Ecozest Flowers Spring 03Watching the blur of hands throw together an arrangement in minutes, I watched in awe and slight disbelief, once complete I was stunned by the result. With the use of natural fauna and flora, mostly indigenous to our lovely garden route, grown and harvested on DP and his partner, Hannes’ beautiful farm, mixed with simply mouth-watering flowers he sources from around the country. His results are never short of breathtaking. His studio is filled with every imaginable vessel and prop, from glass and grass, to baskets, pots and tins – you name it, which he uses to combine with his spectacular arrangements to create the most beautiful décor elements.

Knyslifestyle Knysna Lifestyle Ecozest Flowers Spring 04Knyslifestyle Knysna Lifestyle Ecozest Flowers Spring 08EcoZest specialise in weddings, events and special occasions, however you can also find some of their gorgeous creations at the lovely Madam Botany at 8 Gray Street.

I was so thrilled to kick start my spring 2016 with DP and his stunning flowers and I look forward to sharing more of this with you through our September Spring Celebration.


Bernice Haman
Bernice is a mom of three girls, determined to raise them as strong and loving warriors; is a self-proclaimed sucker for nostalgia; has had a lifetime passion for pomegranates, her lucky charm; has a keen eye for design and loves to dance in the rain. Bernice is happiest writing, baking, cooking and creating.