Eggs are high on the list of super foods for me, these clever little things are almost the perfect food all in one shell, they contain a little bit of every single nutrient our bodies need. With this in mind I try to eat and serve them for breakfast at least a few times a week but often don’t have the time to perfectly poach (my favourite), boil, scramble or fry… The Egg Cup is my go to when I want a quick, no fuss, power packed breakfast.

Knys Knysna Lifestyle - EXQUISITE EGG CUP EXTRAORDINAIRE 1There are so many variations you can do with this genius little recipe, from very basic, just egg and a dash of milk, gourmet – Parma ham and Brie, to whatever bits and bobs you may have lurking in your fridge. The other thing I love is that they are individual so if you have a house of picky eaters, like I do, you can add or leave out accordingly. Also a little goes a long way, one egg – one cup!

This recipe is for a microwave, that’s what makes it so speedy. The same ingredient works just as well in the oven, however, it does take considerably longer – just substitute the cup for a heatproof bowl or better yet do a large batch in a muffin or cupcake tray – they make great lunchbox fillers and depending on your add-ins. It will last well in the fridge for a few days.

Let’s start with the egg base…

You’ll need:

A small cup or microwave proof bowl – glass or ceramic and a round bottom is best, I prefer to not use plastic in the microwave.

Egg Base

  • 1 Egg per cup
  • A dash of milk (about 30ml /2 TBS) per egg
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


Lightly grease your cup, in a separate jug/mixing bowl whisk your egg, milk, salt and pepper, et voila – this is good to go as a basic, simply pour your mix into the cup and microwave on high for 3-4min.


Make it interesting:

  • All-in-one Breakfast

Line your cup with one or two rashers of cooked bacon, sprinkle in some cheddar and chopped onion. Pour in your egg base and cook as method above.

  • Pop-Eye Power Punch

Line your cup with a fresh leaf or two of spinach, pour in your egg base and crumble in some feta. Cook as method above.

  • Green eggs and ham, Sam I am…

Line your cup with half a piece of ham, add half a spoon of basil pesto, a sprinkle of cheese and pour in your egg base. Cook as method above.

These are my some of my favourite combinations and I usually have some or all in my fridge but really just about anything goes and I urge you to experiment with your mixes.


Bernice Haman
Bernice is a mom of three girls, determined to raise them as strong and loving warriors; is a self-proclaimed sucker for nostalgia; has had a lifetime passion for pomegranates, her lucky charm; has a keen eye for design and loves to dance in the rain. Bernice is happiest writing, baking, cooking and creating.