Not many need encouraging to grow plants for taste! We have been lovingly provided with a most diverse and flavoursome range of food to grow. Everyone should be growing at least one type of food in their garden, even if it be a herb of some sort. There is nothing more satisfying than growing, tending, harvesting, cooking and eating your own home grown food. Home grown, organic food also seems to taste so much better than bought food. You need neither a large garden nor a special place to grow food. In fact, most of these edible plants are so beautiful in their own right that they can be planted as part of your herbaceous border or shrubbery.

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When taking visitors for tours through your garden, there is absolutely nothing that brings more pride than showing off your vegetables. Also, one can grow foods that are not so readily available or are rather dear in the shops. Certain plants are of course better suited to certain climactic conditions, meaning you cannot easily grow absolutely everything you would like to, however, the choices available to most people can result in a drastic reduction of their food bill. Added to that is the fact that you will know exactly how your food was grown, unlike at the shops where customers are not given this information. For green-minded people, think of all the food-miles that current shop-bought foods produce. Think of how much more ecologically friendly growing your own food is!

Another benefit is that food grown in your garden will be far fresher and thus much more flavourful.

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It is not too difficult growing food in the garden; well, not more difficult than growing any other plants. Practical tips and advice about growing your own will appear in a future article on this site, but, for the mean time, have a go anyway. It is surprising how easy it is!

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You now have a beautiful view, delicious fragrances filling the air, tranquil soothing sounds in the background and a tummy full of home grown nutritious food, but what about the sense of touch. Read next week’s article for the concluding article in the series…



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