In Knysna there is a café called Dinky Cakes. Dinky Cakes is a lovely place. The cakes of course are the best. The food is divine and the kids will enjoy it there because there is a jungle gym right across Dinky Cakes.


People can sit outside while drinking coffee or tea since winter is coming closer and closer. Dinky cakes sell lots of other goodies, mostly for children. It’s a lovely place to have a birthday party!


There are all sorts of yummy cupcakes and don’t forget about the delicious pastries. There are also lots of different flavours of tea and coffee.



Most of the food recipes are a secret but I’m guessing they are made with love. Dinky Cakes is a cosy spot that will make anybody feel at home. Dinky Cakes is the best place to eat delicious cakes in Knysna. Everybody who walks into the shop will fall in love with it when they walk in! Dinky Cakes is my favourite coffee shop in Knysna, and I would recommend that you give them a visit.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Dinky Cakes and that is the same kind of thing.”


Nicole Roos-Bolton
Nicole Roos-Bolton is our youngest writer at only 12 years of age. She goes to Knysna Primary School and loves horse riding. Nicole is an outdoor kinda gall - jumping on her trampoline and playing with her favourite pets, Jason the dog and Kitty Cat, the cat. She loves writing pieces on all things pretty and she secretly hates brushing her hair.