For as long as I can ever remember, my two obsessions have been food and décor. I consider myself truly blessed because for the majority of my “working life” – (“love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”) I have had the opportunity to earn my living doing both.

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For the past 6 years I have found myself working in the restaurant industry and have been fortunate to be offered director’s position at a top Knysna interior décor firm. I recently co-founded an exciting holdings company that we’ll run our diverse divisions under – this includes I am living both my passions and couldn’t be happier!

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With both food and décor I try to be inventive, practical and creative but I think most importantly I like to follow the KISS principal – Keep-It-Simple-Stupid. I believe that for the most part less is usually more.

I hope to share clever and simple ways to create in your home and kitchen with minimum fuss and maximum impact ideas in affordable and fun ways.

I look forward to being of some inspiration to you in the articles to follow.

With Love, Bernice xxx


Bernice Haman
Bernice is a mom of three girls, determined to raise them as strong and loving warriors; is a self-proclaimed sucker for nostalgia; has had a lifetime passion for pomegranates, her lucky charm; has a keen eye for design and loves to dance in the rain. Bernice is happiest writing, baking, cooking and creating.