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Welcome to Knyslifestyle, Knysna’s Ultimate Life & Style Webmag, where one will find articles published on the stunning town of Knysna’s lifestyle. Write-ups will include topics like Food and Drink, Garden and Home, Recreation, Romance and Art and Style. One will be able to read articles about places to visit, good food to eat, ideas of where to enjoy your next shopping trip, which restaurants are worth dining at and what to do next for a romantic night out. All that plus some practical features on easy DIY projects for home and garden will help you to stay inspired and fill your life with ‘Knys’ style!

Tourists planning their trip to our exquisite town will be able to discover where the hottest spots are, where to enjoy a sumptuous meal, buy spectacular South African crafts or where to go for that adrenaline filled (or relaxing) lagoon adventure.


The aim of Knys Lifestyle is to promote local businesses and to create awareness of Knysna’s talent and virtues. Local is lekker, but in Knysna, local is Knys!

Knys Lifestyle will therefore only be focussing on small business that have their roots in Knysna or that have chosen our beautiful town to expand in. Our aim and wish is that the local businesses that are featured in our online magazine grow strong and become a proudly Knysna-grown business – because we love our charming town.


Our target market is local, but we aim to have international readers. Why? Well, throughout the year tourists planning to visit Knysna do research on where to go, what to do and what to experience.  The Internet is bombarded with adverts on this lodge and that restaurant. Here on Knyslifestyle everything will be in one place. Not only that, the tourists planning their trip on the other side of the sea, can read our lifestyle articles and get a better idea of what Knysna has to offer and how they can experience a truly ‘Knys’ holiday. This will help to promote the local businesses as well as planning their trip a lot easier and more enjoyable for our tourists.


Go on, enjoy our magazine and get inspired about what Knysna has to offer. Knysna has the Knysest Lifestyle.


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