Be it school holidays, rainy, cold or simply stay at home days the inevitable “I’m Bored” is bound to come up – here are a 12 great ideas to keep handy.

1I’m Bored Jar

Write this list out with your kids, have them cut them into strips and place them in a jar – next time you hear the words…”I’m bored” they pick out an activity to will most likely find the list will expand as they creatively come up with their own ideas to add.

2Lets Bake!

Keep a few simple recipes handy, you’ll find some great ones here; or check out our Yum section on for more inspiration.

Biscuits, brownies or cupcakes – yum!

3Jigsaw Puzzle

Clear a table or large tray, an ongoing family jigsaw puzzle is a good boredom buster.

4Macaroni Art

Toss a handful of assorted pasta shapes and macaroni into a few plastic bags – add a tablespoon of vinegar and a drop or two of food colouring  – make art by sticking them in pictures to card or paper or string them to make funky macaroni jewellery.

6Rock Pets

Find some small flat rocks outside and paint or draw faces on them.

7Sock Puppets

Grab some odd socks and turn them into puppets, draw some faces on them, sew buttons for eyes and thread some wool for hair – now put on a show!


Pull out the dress up box and have a funky photo shoot.

9Homemade Playdough

Super recipe here;

10Upside down painting

 Tape a large sheet of paper to the bottom of a table and paint a picture lying down under the table – watercolour paints are probably best.

11Scavenger Hunt

 Make a list of ten things to find in the house or in the garden or ten things starting with the letter…(?)

12Picture Collage

Grab a pile of magazines and a sheet of paper and glue a collage of your favourite pictures.

Have fun and beat the boredom blues!


Bernice Haman
Bernice is a mom of three girls, determined to raise them as strong and loving warriors; is a self-proclaimed sucker for nostalgia; has had a lifetime passion for pomegranates, her lucky charm; has a keen eye for design and loves to dance in the rain. Bernice is happiest writing, baking, cooking and creating.